Stevie Ray Vaughan on 'Austin City Limits' — Three of SRV's 30 Greatest Recordings of All Time



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I'm still waiting for Andy to transcribe Empty Arms from The Sky is Cryin' album. Never tabbed it in GFTPM, GW... or any of the other 90's guitar mags with tabs. It's time to get that awesome SRV shuffle down on paper for the masses like only you can do



Some of the main highlights of my long life have been the eight times I saw Stevie Ray live. From 1975 to 1990, in little clubs and at big outdoor concerts, he kicked ass every time. I wish I had seen him a lot more. If you never were able to see him live you don't know just how great he was. He was the greatest, the King of them all.



To me,, EVERY SONG is his greatest !!!! I have tried for years to pick my ULTIMATE GREATEST SONG,,,, I can narrow it down to maybe 12,,,,but I just cannot pick ONE!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING about Stevie Ray Vaughan I LOVE!! His Singing, of course his LEGENDARY GUITAR PLAYING,,, the FEELING he puts into EVERY SONG,,, The Solo's that he can keep going forever and make them flow perfectly,,, most of all his attitude and praise that his gives to the legends before him that helped make him who he became !!!!!!!!!

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