Hear Eric Clapton's Isolated Guitar Track from The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"



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What would it have been like in those day's to have been a fly on the wall...probably pretty eye opening, I've played guitar in various forms for 40 years...played in bands and know like in any relationship what one should do or has to do to try to keep things together...sometimes we don't always make the right decisions, sometime we don't play well with others and sometimes we are stellar.
Fortunate for Clapton he has little if no negitive Karma following him around at least to my untrained eye, he definately was blessed with talient and charisma enough that most everbody wanted a piece of it...He was our Icon...true to the creation of the sound we so adimently identify as the Les Paul/Marshall Sound...his style and depth of blues pinnicle in so many of our music lifes...and then there is George, John, Paul and Ringo...one can only say wow!



Very well said NorthernBandit, I've been at it 50 plus years and I agree with you 100%.



Seems to me that I read that George confirmed that it was the '57 Les Paul, but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it. Either way, it's great to hear it without all the rest of music with overdubs etc...



That is what a REAL guitar player sounds like on his instrument! Not digitized, quantized, and all ProTooled up. Full of warmth, and humanness. Even back then, EC's playing was without rival. That vibrato!! My God! To this day no one can make a guitar weep like that!



I agree with everything you say but Pro Tools is just something you record on. The industry standard is what has changed based on what the consumer likes now. Unfortunately, they like highly compressed, maximized audio. I agree it sounded better with tape. Please don't blame the tools.


Clapton was never a god. He makes mistakes just like everyone else I heard a few on some of his stretches of course covered by the whloe song put together. As the old saying goes "The Emperor has no clothes". He is only Human after all a very talented Human who I wouldn't mind trading places at all.



Simply awesome, love those bends!


That was awesome!



Why doesn't somebody just ask Clapton what he used to play on the track?
Eric was there, I am sure he remembers. Not that it really matters.

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