10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bedell Guitars

The media is buzzing about Bedell Guitars, but who are they really?

Bedell Guitars is a newer guitar manufacturer. Being a new brand in the instrument business can be tough, but Bedell is making a name for themselves quickly in a big way. How? Sustainability and sound.

Bedell Guitars is the only instrument manufacturer that is completely sustainable and offers help to protect the very environment we depend on while perfecting a beautiful sound.

The list can go on and on about this up and coming ecological conscious brand, but these top 10 key points will give you the down low on the Bedell Family.

1. Bedell Guitars was initially started when owner Tom Bedell was 15 years old. He worked at a music shop after school. He would give guitar lessons and sell instruments. After asking for commission for all of these sales he made, the owner of the shop denied him. He then thought to himself, “Why am I selling these guitars for no money, when I can make my own and sell them?” That is exactly what he did.

Tom’s father had a connection in Japan so Tom presented a business transaction with a Japanese manufacturer to build his guitars. Bedell taught his sister how to apply decals on the guitar headstocks and Bedell Guitars was born. After years of success, $500,000 in sales, two music stores all at the age of 18, Tom decided to hang up the towel and go to college at Stanford University. The dream came back alive after years in the fishing industry and the decision to retire. Tom purchased a music store in Aspen, CO, Two Old Hippies. After this purchase he knew he had to build guitars again.

2. Tom Bedell built a guitar brand that is completely sustainable to our environment. Bedell Guitars will only source tonewoods that are reclaimed, salvaged or singularly harvested. Bedell Guitars vows to never knowingly use clear-cut or illegally logged timber. A member of the Bedell team will visit each wood supplier and many of them Tom has visited himself.

3. Guitars from Bedell are handcrafted and all USA made in Bend, OR.

4. Bedell Guitars craftsmen have gone under extensive training to hand tune guitar tops. Currently in the Bedell Wildfire, the sound frequencies are tested when each brace is placed and then hand shaved until the pitch reaches the right frequency.

5. Tom and the Bedell Guitar team are passionate environmentalists. Guitars are made from wood, but shouldn’t the wood being consumed help sustain our environment? Bedell Guitars is a conscious consumer and will never knowingly hurt the environment, just honor it and tell its story.

6. Brazilian rosewood is a treasured tonewood that is strictly regulated. Bedell Guitars has sourced Brazilian Rosewood legally and not only that – has a team that will help you with the permits you need to travel around the world with your treasured guitar.

7. Bedell Guitars continually looks for ways to use new woods that can be sustainably sourced – even if they aren’t traditional to acoustic guitars. Our HomeGrown Collection, for example, uses a walnut fingerboard and bridge.

8. Bedell Guitars works closely with the band Guster and founding member Adam Gardner’s non profit RE VERB, to help bring awareness to stop illegal logging and help make the music industry more eco-friendly and green.

9. All Bedell series come in three body shapes, parlor, orchestra and dreadnought.

10. Each Bedell guitars has a journal that shares the inspiration behind its design as well as all the paperwork through the supply chain.

This guitar company treats you and the environment like family. Bedell will continue to speak for the trees and provide handcrafted instruments. Come join the family, doing the right thing never sounded better.

Find out more at http://bedellguitars.com/

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