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Jinx Premieres Acoustic-Tinged Hip-Hop Video for "Alive"

Here's a surprise in the best possible way!

Jinx's new single "Alive" expertly combines hip-hop, pop, and acoustic guitar for this ebulliently triumphant song. Clappin', slappin', rappin' and acoustic guitar. And some excellently positive lyrics. I simply love everything about it.

You'll need to wait a few seconds for the awesomeness to kick in. But don't give up!

This video for the song was directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, who directed Macklemore's "Thrift Shop," "Can't Hold Us," and "Same Love" music videos.

Derrick Jenkins is a great rapper-but don't let him hear you calling him that. Known by most as Jinx, the Massachusetts native wants you to know that he's never going to limit himself to just one genre.

Jinx's determination to explore every single type of sound that interests him is apparent from the first time you listen to "Alive." It's an uplifting tune, as its title may reveal, with a catchy guitar intro, soaring gang-vocal-infused chorus, and consistent rhythm throughout. "Alive" marks the beginning of the newest phase of Jinx's long, weaving journey through music.

For the past two years, Jinx has been hard at work crafting new material, while perfecting his live show. Jinx is no stranger to the road, opening for Allen Stone earlier this year and previously touring in direct support to Wiz Khalifa and Nappy Roots. He takes cues and molds his live show to be as entertaining as possible, based on a diverse array of influences such as Queen, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson and more.

With the hype surrounding "Alive" at an all-time high, Jinx has plans to keep up the momentum with new tracks set to drop in the near future. The additional releases will lead into Jinx's highly anticipated debut album in 2015.

Looking forward to his new material, Jinx explains, "I've been doing this music thing for most of my life...I can't imagine a world where I wouldn't want to be doing exactly what I want with it. I just hope people listen, give it a chance and hear the music."

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