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Kaki King Teaches us to Play "Trying to Speak Parts 1 & 2" — Lesson

Here’s Kaki King teaching us how to play the fingering pattern from the song “Trying to Speak Parts 1 & 2.”

It’s a cut from her brand new album The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, the soundtrack to her multimedia show by the same name.

Somehow when the incomparable Kaki King shares the trick to this riff she makes it look easy. But then watch her crank it full speed and holy moly!

Here she’s playing a specially prepared Ovation guitar that she uses for her live show. Images are projected both on it and on the backdrop behind her. It’s an amazing sight to see.

Check out her lesson here and then skip down to catch it full speed as she performs this song live for us.

And here’s her performance!

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