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The Loar Welcomes William Fitzsimmons

The Loar is excited to welcome singer/songwriter William Fitzsimmons as an endorsing artist.

Fitzsimmons has achieved critical and widespread acclaim over the past few years with songs featured in TV's "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill," and "Burn Notice," and in Spin, Rolling Stone and Paste music media.

Fitzsimmons' recent release “Pittsburgh” is a tribute to his hometown and his late grandmother, both formative influences on his life and work.

In the video for the album's title track, he plays the LH-600 archtop in an expansive church, the perfect complement to the song's powerful emotional delivery.

About his LH-600, he says, “It sincerely has that tight mid-range, woody quality that the first 30's archtop I ever played had. THIS THING FEELS AMAZING TO PLAY. Honestly, though, the ONLY thing that really matters to me at the end of the day is if the instrument has songs inside of it. And I sincerely believe this thing does.”

Check out his performance of “Pittsburgh” here:

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