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Mark Knopfler Demonstrates His Acoustic Fingerstyle Technique

In the video above, Mark Knopfler shares some insight into his flatpicking and fingerstyle techniques.

Knopfler takes the time to go through his motions step by step and make suggestions for players who might want to follow in his footsteps (or finger-plucks?).

He patiently shares a few gems of wisdom and, of course, plays for a bit, too.

Knopfler is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Dire Straits, the band that brought you "Sultans of Swing,” “Money for Nothing” and “Walk of Life.”

Since Dire Straits disbanded in 1995, Knopfler has recorded and produced eight solo albums and, as with his previous band, produced many hit songs. He has composed and produced scores for eight films, including Local Hero (1983), Cal (1984), The Princess Bride (1987) and Wag the Dog (1997).

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