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Mercies Perform “Zalea” Acoustically —Exclusive Video

LA’s Mercies were gracious enough to film an acoustic version of their song “Zalea” for us, which you can check out below!

The track is featured on the band’s sophomore LP, Blue Against Green, which they released March 31.

Originally from Connecticut, Mercies moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2013, and signed to Randm Records soon after.

Blue Against Green is a culmination of our life experiences, both professional and personal. It’s about our move to the west coast and the subsequent life changes, the desire to venture out into the unknown, and the will to keep moving forward,” shares drummer Sammy Dent.

This acoustic version of “Zalea” strips down the original recording, allowing for lead vocalist Josh Rheault’s staccato acoustic strumming to play off Dent’s electro drum groove magically. What do you think?

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