Play It Now: Matt Nathanson Teaches us How to Play "Mission Bells"

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In this segment of our exclusive Acoustic Nation Play It Now video series, hit singer songwriter Matt Nathanson teaches me, and YOU, how to play his latest single, “Mission Bells.” The track appears on his new album, The Last of the Great Pretenders.

Nathanson, and his guitar player Aaron Tap, run through the riff, verse and chorus arrangements for what is basically a three-chord song.

If you know how to play Em, G, and C, you’ve got this covered! With just some quick fingering practice you'll be up and running in no time. Here are the chord fingerings for the chorus. Easy but effective.

Don't forget to put your capo on the fourth fret and then finger as shown.

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If you want to get a little fancy and learn Aaron’s cool looping riff, he was kind enough to share this transcription. When we say Play It Now, we mean you! Ready? Go!

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And here’s the official “Mission Bells” video. Practice and then play along.