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The Vespers' “Another’s Arms” — Exclusive Acoustic Video

Today we’re sharing an exclusive acoustic video from The Vespers.

It’s a cover of Coldplay’s “Another’s Arms” done up just fine.

Here this pair of pairs of siblings (say that three times fast) hail from Nashville.

Their interpretation of this sad but lovely song features some lacy mandolin and acoustic guitar strums and gentle harmonies.

The Vespers share, “It really stuck with us once we heard that record [Ghost Stories]. Callie would sing it during soundcheck and eventually we thought it would be a lot of fun to do a more formal version. “

The Vespers uniquely blend family and style on their third independent release Sisters and Brothers. Recorded at Smoakstack studios in south Nashville with Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Paul Moak, the album will be released February 10, 2015 with distribution through Tone Tree.

Comprised of two pairs of siblings — the Cryar sisters (Callie & Phoebe) and Jones brothers (Bruno & Taylor) — The Vespers began making their own kind of rootsy, southern stomp in 2009, throwing themselves into a music scene that was rich in history and high in competition.

But following the success of their second album, The Fourth Wall (2012), began a period of frustration and uncertainty about their future, a sentiment the band captured in Sisters and Brothers opening track “Break The Cycle,” a gritty Americana rocker about carving out your own place in the world that doesn’t always prize originality.

But relying on each other for support and their legion of loyal fans, new songs began to emerge — songs about faith, hope, struggle and redemption - and the Vespers fell in love with music all over again.

“Sisters and Brothers,” the anthemic title track about taking care of those around you simply captures the albums sentiment: “Look out for your sisters/Don't forget your brothers/Gotta take care of each other”

Sisters and Brothers is available February 10, 2015. News and tour updates available at: h