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Video: Alan Gogoll’s “Pepperleaf Pipes”

There are countless videos on YouTube featuring talented fingerstyle guitarists making very good use of harmonics.

However, this new video from Alan Gogoll might be some of the more innovative use of harmonics we’ve seen in a some time.

In this performance of “Pepperleaf Pipes,” Gogoll incorporates a harmonics technique that he calls “bell harmonics.”

A resident of Tasmania, Australia, Gogoll began playing guitar at an early age, always making a diligent effort to refine and develop his sound. As quoted from his website, “I would practice guitar everyday, moving from classical to electric to acoustic.”

Today, he’s received critical acclaim around Australia, receiving solid radio play and invitations to perform at a number of festivals.

Watch Gogoll perform “Pepperleaf Pipes” below. The track is available on his latest album, Whimsical Toad.

You can purchase Alan Gogoll’s music and learn more here.