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Video Finds: Thomas Leeb “Trickster”

Check out this new video from acoustic guitar phenomenon Thomas Leeb.

“Trickster” was released June 30 and features some extremely innovative fingerstyle technique from this gifted guitarist.

Some of the track’s unique sound could be attributed to it’s odd CGEbGGD tuning.

As quoted from the “about” section of the video, “This one is a LOT of fun to play, but definitely gave me headaches during the writing process,” Leeb shares.

“The thing never, never did what I wanted it to, always had a mind of its own and resulted in more rewritten and thrown-away material than the last couple of ALBUMS combined.”

“I couldn't really call it ‘pain in the butt,’ so I settled for ‘Trickster’… and hope you like it!”

It’s safe to say Leeb’s hard work paid off with this one. Check it out below and find out more at