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Video: Taylor Guitars' Andy Powers Performs "Light of Day" on Six New 800 Series Guitars

Taylor Guitars master builder Andy Powers is not only a revolutionary guitar designer, but a skilled player as well.

Below, he demonstrates the unique sounds and textures of six new 800 Series models.

While all 800 Series models share fundamental tonal qualities, according to Taylor, "each body style features unique design nuances that accentuate the guitar's sonic strengths."

The video below is an ideal way to hear these nuances. While the 818e's Grand Orchestra shape offers a big, full sound for open chords, a model like the 812ce 12-Fret possesses a slightly darker, punchier quality that's well-suited for melodic work.

Watch below as Powers demonstrates these models, as well as the 814ce, 816ce, 812ce and 810e.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of Taylor's new 800 Series guitars, this video is a great place to start!

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