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Exclusive Song Premiere: Walter Salas-Humara “Satellite”

Today we are stoked to share a new song from Walter Salas-Humara.

It’s “Satellite,” a laid back, clap along track with a cool groove, that has us searching for communication from above!

Salas-Humara, a visual artist and singer/songwriter, is co-founder of the seminal Americana band The Silos. He’ll release this third solo album (and first in 18 years), Curve and Shake, on August 12 via The Orchard.

Salas-Humara shares some thoughts about the song: “I wrote the song ‘Satellite’ at The Steel Bridge Songfest with the talented newcomers Lena MacDonald and Caleb Navarro, and the inimitable Charles Boheme. You're walking alone at night, talking to yourself, staring at the stars. Who's up there and why are we down here? Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. Send a signal down please!"

The track features Ontario, California trio Groove Session as backing band and background singers Sarven Manguiat (Groove Session), Aaron English (Aaron English Band), and Amy Daggett.

Check it out here:

Curve and Shake is not a new chapter in the never-ending story of the Silos, but a multi-faceted solo album. The ten songs of Curve and Shake didn’t seem particularly suited for a Silos album, but rather asked for a special treatment.

This seemed to offer Salas-Humara greater freedom for individual arrangements, diverse musical moods, greater stylistic range and collaborations with friends/colleagues including Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons, and Jason Victor (of Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3) to name a few.

Humara was conceived in Havana, born in New York City and raised in Southern Florida. His rock band, The Silos, was voted Best New American Band in the Rolling Stone Critics’ Poll of 1987.

Over the last 25 years, The Silos have recorded 12 albums, appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and put in thousands of days on the road. Salas-Humara has also recorded two previous solo albums -- 1988’s Lagartija and 1995’s Radar.

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