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Free Download: Our Wild America’s “You Don’t Love Me“

Our Wild America has released it’s self-titled debut album, and we’re happy to offer a free download of album cut, “You Don’t Love Me (The Way I Love You).”

Having developed into a popular attraction on the NYC club scene, it’s clear that Our Wild America’s musical preoccupation with songs that revolve around death, suicide, war, betrayal, and “other uplifting concerns” –– as the band’s singer-songwriter Alec Gross puts it –– has not proven to be an obstacle in finding an audience.

“It’s definitely a heavy album,” Gross explains. “I mean, our music isn’t necessarily about making people feel ‘good’, but it is about making people ‘feel’. The whole project is about celebrating the weirdness and wildness of life around us.”

He continues, “What matters is whether the songs transport the listener, whether there’s some kind of release, some kind of acknowledgement that life is real and we are here together... that there’s no time for a put-on.”

Stream/download the track below:

Recorded live on analog, 2-inch tape, Our Wild America is a running catalogue of the musical stories that Gross says often play through his head. The 5-piece band recorded in late-night sessions at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, and across the river at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY.

Gross explains, “We were rehearsing for a show and we thought, ‘This is perfect. This is exactly how these songs should sound. Why not just record this?’ We didn’t have a lot of time to cut these tracks and I think that sense of urgency really spurred us on. When we were recording ‘You Don’t Love Me’,’ we were all looking at each other kind of surprised by how well it was all coming together. We got it on the third take.”

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