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Jonathan Edwards Shares 'Tomorrow's Child' — Exclusive Album Stream Premiere

Have you ever listened to an album and felt an instant connection?

For me, Jonathan Edwards’Tomorrow’s Child is an instant old friend.

Edwards' sweetly gentle voice and magnificently crafted lyrics and melodies wrap around like a favorite sweater.

Bright and dancing one minute with songs like “Down In The Woods” and beds of clover with secret treasures the next with the title track, “Tomorrow’s Child,” the collection sparkles. It’s Irish-y and Americana-ish and every good folk song and ballad you’ve ever heard wrapped into one sweet package.

Lovely harmonies, and smartly placed instrumentation do their best to complement the tidbits of wisdom generously delivered throughout. A favorite track on the album is “Gracie,” a simply gorgeous tribute lovingly written and performed. “Sandy Girl” has an Irish intensity that’s mesmerizing.

Tomorrow’s Child is perfect for campfire canoodling and back yard sing-alongs.

Edwards shares, “I've always loved the way acoustic instruments sound in a room or on the back porch. I've always been pulled by the rich sound of bronze strings on rosewood way more than the sound of steel strings on magnets. And these are the sensibilities that informed and enlightened our whole approach to the making of this album, Tomorrow's Child.”

Listen now:

Tomorrow’s Child finds the veteran songwriter uniting the themes that have defined his four-decade-plus career, and features contributions from Alison Krauss, Darrell Scott, Vince Gill, and Shawn Colvin among others.

Edwards, who endeared himself to a generation with his Vietnam-era 1971 cross-over pop hit “Sunshine” and early stoner anthem "Shanty,” reveals over the course of the album that not only was he adopted as an infant, but was himself forced to put his own child up for adoption before his music career took off.

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