Portland's Greylag Share A Playlist of Songs that Inspire

Here’s a treat. It’s a hand-selected playlist from the band Greylag.

Each song has a special meaning for them, and they wanted to share that with you!

Greylag's self-titled debut album was released on October 14th on Dead Oceans.

Produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, The Shins) at Seattle's Avast! Studio, it's the latest must-have slice of verdant, far-reaching Americana.

Like the wild goose that the Portland-based trio are named after, the members of Greylag have all undertaken amazing journeys, migrating as if by homing instinct from different parts of the US. It's a selective journey, though: up to 65 demos were recorded but the album is a modest, yet very complete, nine tracks and 37 minutes.

Greylag is rich in melody, mood and detail with a range that mirrors the distance between their individual birthplaces, creating a personal twist on some timeless musical traditions, embracing electric and acoustic with a sound that's both subtle and forceful.

So check out this fabulous playlist and then check out Greylag at greylagmusic.com

Playlist notes from Greylag’s Daniel Dixon and Brad Swan:

Pink Floyd - “Fearless”

This is easily my favorite Pink Floyd song. There are so many memorable, iconic parts, and it just feels so good all the way through. It's also a very transparent kind of song for them-- you can hear everything that's going on musically and it's easy to imagine a band playing this live.

Valgeir Sigurdsson - “Grylukvaedi”

  • Valgeir is an Icelandic producer and composer and this song is part of
  • the soundtrack he wrote for the documentary Draumalandid. The vocal is
  • sung by Sam Amidon. It's a gorgeous song and I love how loose and
  • ethereal this track feels,--everything that happens feels like a
  • surprise to my ears.

Led Zeppelin - “That's the Way”

This is one of my favorite tracks on Led Zeppelin III. There's a real
dreamy, summery quality to the song, and though it's a pretty romantic
song, the music keeps it from ever getting sappy.

Karen Dalton - “Katie Cruel”

Karen was one of those folk musicians that never really got
immortalized. I only heard of her a few years ago. Her voice is rich
with a tired, lonesome quality that this song perfectly captures. And
the fiddle accompaniment in this song is just chilling.

Sonic Youth - “Shadow of a Doubt”

Steve Shelley's first record with Sonic Youth. I love how he primarily
focused on using the toms throughout the record. This song is pretty
straightforward musically, but I love how much they can do with such

Wardruna - “Fehu”

There is so much power in this song. I love how old world and massive it sounds.

Cocteau Twins - “Cherry-Coloured Funk”

Cocteau Twins is such a beautiful and emotionally-stirring band, and
this song sums up everything that attracts me to them. There is no one
that sings like her, and the melodies are so unexpected and moving.
I'm always drawn in when I listen to them.

Roy Harper - “My Friend”

Roy Harper was such an amazing guitar player and singer, and he performed in a way that was so relaxed and effortless. I've always admired guitarists who were excellent players but who didn't need to be flashy, those who played just the right parts, and with such style, and they didn't have to be in your face with their greatness.

My Bloody Valentine - “To Here Knows When”

This is one of those tracks where I just have no clue how Kevin
Shields got the guitar to produce that kind of sound. I'm glad he did
though, its my favorite off loveless.

Bjork - “Cocoon”

This is off Bjork's Vespertine album and it's so hard to choose a
favorite from that great record. She made it with Valgeir Sigirdsson
from above. This song i so warm and close, even though there are so
many glitchy, electronic elements. Such a perfect balance of
contrasting elements.

Kurt Vile - “Goldtone”

This track always bring me to a good place. Kurt Vile has been a band
favorite for a while now.

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