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The Relapse Symphony’s “Savage Eyes” Acoustic Premiere

Here’s an intense acoustic version of The Relapse Symphony’s “Savage Eyes” from the band’s release Shadows — The Acoustic Sessions, due out December 16.

Driving guitars and growly vocals deliver the painful message. It really works in this stripped down and raw rendition.

Vocalist Bret Von Dehl shares, "The acoustic version of our song ‘Savage Eyes’ is one of the most different from the original version on our album SHADOWS. The intent of this acoustic album was to strip these songs and get back to our roots. Most of us grew up loving Johnny Cash and I think it naturally spilled out of us on this one. It's got a killer rhythm and it's as dark as the Man In Black's suit."

Hell yeah! Check it out here:

DC rockers The Relapse Symphony will release an acoustic version of their most recent LP SHADOWS on December 16 via Standby Records. Shadows The Acoustic Sessions is now available for pre-order here.

Guitarist J.C. Charles says, "After releasing SHADOWS in July and touring it all Summer, we really began to appreciate the songs in a raw, live setting. We wanted to challenge ourselves to strip the album down completely and go in and do the whole thing acoustic. We are so used to recording in fancy studios with producers and a lot of complicated arrangements, and it felt good to do away with all of that and just do these songs live and acoustic. This acoustic album feels like a good transition from SHADOWS to our next record, which is sure to be much less produced and more raw and aggressive."

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