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Taylor Introduces V-Class Models, with New V-Class Bracing System

All four of Taylor's new V-Class models.

All four of Taylor's new V-Class models. (Image credit:

Taylor Guitars has unveiled four new models, each of which have been designed with the company's groundbreaking new V-Class Bracing System. The new system is meant to be a step forward from traditional X-bracing, and delivers an enhanced playing experience by boosting both volume and sustain while improving intonation.

The new V-Class system has worked its way onto four Grand Auditorium models for 2018, including one all-new Builder's Edition model.

Inspired while surfing one day and watching waves rolling in on the San Diego coast, Powers conceptualized the V-shaped bracing design. It gave him the idea to position two longitudinal braces on the soundboard of the guitar in a V formation, with the top of the V splayed along either side of the soundhole, instead of arranging the main support braces as a criss-crossed X.

The new V pattern added stiffness lengthwise along the top, in the direction of the strings, creating longer-sustaining notes, while fan braces extending out from the lower part of the V controlled the flexibility across both sides of the lower bout, enabling the top to produce more volume. Powers also realized that because the bracing pattern created a more orderly response from the top, it could also resolve intonation imperfections that have long-plagued the acoustic guitar, especially when playing up the neck.

Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce

Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce (Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Builder’s Edition K14ce ($4,999)

This new Grand Auditorium from Taylor's Builder's Edition collection has a Hawaiian koa back and sides paired with a torrefied Sitka spruce top. The guitar also features new body contours, including a beveled armrest, beveled body edge treatment, and a reshaped cutaway that flows smoothly into the heel and incorporates a finger bevel where the cutaway meets the soundboard. Other touches include the “silent” satin finish, which helps quiet the incidental noise against the guitar body, and a new Kona burst that highlights the figured koa back and sides.

Taylor PS14ce

Taylor PS14ce (Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Taylor PS14ce ($8,999)

The Presentation Series was recently updated to feature back and sides of striped West African ebony. This cutaway Grand Auditorium pairs the ebony with a sinker redwood top featuring the new V-Class bracing. The series also includes a beveled ebony armrest, an elaborate Nouveau inlay in paua and pearl, a paua rosette, paua edge trim, premium Gotoh 510 tuners and a black graphite nut exclusive to V-Class models.

Taylor K24ce

Taylor K24ce (Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Taylor K24ce ($4,499)

This Grand Auditorium has a hardwood koa top, V-Class Bracing and organically styled appointments that include a new Spring Vine inlay in maple, with maple binding and top trim.

Taylor 914ce

Taylor 914ce (Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Taylor 914ce ($4,999)

The features of this 900 Series rosewood guitar include a beveled ebony armrest—to make a player's picking/strumming arm more comfortable—and Gotoh 510 tuners. Refined appointments include ebony binding, Ascension fretboard/peghead inlays in paua and pearl, a paua rosette with koa and ebony purfling, and paua/koa trim along much of the body and neck.

All V-Class guitars feature a new, black graphite nut.

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