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U.S. Royalty Streams 'Blue Sunshine,' With Album Set to Release January 21

U.S. Royalty has released a stream of their sophomore collective Blue Sunshine. Blue Sunshine will be released independently on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

Blue Sunshine does continue in some of the production vein of the bands’ debut album, Mirrors, blending Hollywood folk, '70s AM gold and desert road trip blues, but this time they really honed in on focusing on reflection, and new approaches to songwriting. The four-piece isolated themselves with longtime friend and engineer Justin Long (Mirrors) for six months in a house overlooking a cemetery near Great Falls, MD. The guys brought in another good friend, Sonny Kilfoyle (the band Minks), to co-produce and help guide these songs and lyrics to the surface.

Soon after their time in Great Falls, U.S. Royalty decamped for Dreamland Studios, a former church turned recording studio in upstate New York to finish recording Blue Sunshine. As lead singer John Thornley explains, “We took our time with this one to get input and make songs that were really important to us, not just write songs and start playing again. We were moving and coming back to a city that we hadn't been in for a while… our father [John’s brother Paul Thornley plays lead guitar in the band] had passed away while we were on tour, and it's kind of all in there on the album.”

Hear a stream of here:

U.S. Royalty will perform in their home city of Washington D.C. on January 25th for a special Blue Sunshine album release party at the Rock-n-Roll Hotel. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.