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11-Year-Old Li-Sa-X Shreds Schubert in New TV Commercial

Remember Li-Sa-X? The 11-year-old guitarist from Japan was originally featured on when she covered Guthrie Govan’s “Fives” back in 2013. Next, she tried her hand at a Racer X tune—and even got a response from Paul Gilbert himself (not to mention an invitation to take free courses at his online guitar school). She also covered Dream Theater's "Lost Not Forgotten" and few more tunes.

Anyway, Li-Sa-X is now starring in a Japanese TV commercial. The Japan Net Bank ad, which is called “Debit Girl,” features Li-Sa-X shredding Schubert’s “Lullaby”—using a debit card as her pick (as we've all done from time to time).

It starts out with Li-Sa-X waking up in bed. The covers are pulled back, and we see she's holding an Ibanez. Before long, she's shredding up a storm. Check it out below!