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AC/DC's Angus Young handles a heckler during Bad Boy Boogie

(Image credit: Mick Hutson/Getty Images)

Warning: There's nothing timely about the video below. The action takes place decades ago, during an AC/DC show in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the clip, we see someone - a 'bad boy,' if you will - throw a drink at guitarist Angus Young midway through the breakdown of Bad Boy Boogie.

Bearing in mind the old adage, "You can take the schoolboy out of Glasgow, but you can't take the streets of Glasgow out of the schoolboy," Angus walks over, points the guy out and beckons him over.

So what does the idiot 'fan' do? He - of course - throws another drink at Angus. Watch as Angus takes off his guitar, hands it to his roadie and lowers himself to get closer to the drink-thrower. As soon as contact is made, Angus grabs the guy's nose and doles out - we assume - some priceless verbal abuse before security leads the trouble maker away.

When the incident ends, Angus grabs his guitar and continues playing as if nothing had happened.

We just thought we'd share!