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Gabriella Quevedo Plays All Parts of The Eagles' "Hotel California" on One Guitar

At, we've gotten used to the sight of talented young women performing impressive six-string feats without even batting an eye.

Which is the perfect segue to this late-2014 video of a Swedish-born fingerstyle guitarist named Gabriella Quevedo performing Tomi Paldanius' arrangement of the Eagles' "Hotel California."

Something that will start to sink in at around the 3:01 mark is that Quevedo, who is 18-ish, isn't just playing the vocal melody and guitar parts; she's also throwing in a bass line, some percussive moves and the backing melodies. She even handles the arpeggios from the iconic Don Felder/Joe Walsh guitar solo—while playing some of the other parts mentioned above.

That's a entire band's worth of parts in one Taylor guitar.

For your listening pleasure, we've also thrown in a video of Quevedo playing Tommy Emmanuel's arrangement of "Classical Gas" (bottom video).

One of the composers of "Hotel California," the Eagles' Glenn Frey, died Monday at age 67.

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