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Three Women Play One Guitar at the Same Time — Video

Triple Fret is an all-female guitar trio from the Philippines, where they’ve made a splash with a classical guitar repertoire that includes tangos, jazz standards, Filipino songs and more.

Now they appear to be on the cusp of going viral, if you will, thanks to a new GoPro video that shows them performing a traditional song called “Calypso”—on one guitar.

Some YouTube video headlines refer to the girls as "sisters," but that's not true. They are, in fact, Marga Abejo, Iqui Vinculado and Jenny de Vera.

In the top clip, Iqui starts things off on the high strings and is joined by Marga, who plays the lower melody. Jenny then joins to handle the bass notes.

For more information about Triple Fret, follow them on their Facebook page.