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Al Di Meola Covers Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog"

Finally, there's a video that answers the burning question, "What would it sound like if Al Di Meola covered Led Zeppelin?"

Below, check out a clip from October 2015 that shows Di Meola and his band running through Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" at a soundcheck in Dallas.

That's Evan Garr performing the Robert Plant parts on his violin—before the band morphs the Zep track into Di Meola's "Midnight Tango" from Elegant Gypsy.

"It's a bunch of bullshit every time guitarists say, 'One note says so much more than 100'," Di Meola told Guitar World several years ago. "I always laugh at idiots who make that claim. Tell that to a flamenco player or a classical player and see what they say. It's almost a defensive reaction. They take something they lack, attack it and claim they never wanted it in the first place. Sure!"