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"The Best of Betcha Can't Play This" — Video

Yes, sometimes we find ourselves checking out guitar forums on other guitar-centric websites. Such was the case earlier today, when we stumbled upon the video below, which is titled "The Best of Betcha Can't Play This."

For those among you who don't know, Betcha Can't Play This is a Guitar World feature. The videos feature established guitarists who play licks and — in a fun way — challenge readers to play the same lick. Some text, and the tabs, are provided.

But in the video below, someone (who has nothing to do with Guitar World) compiled what he feels is the "best" of Betcha Can't Play This.

The video has garnered almost 2 million views — so it's time we shared in the fun!

The video includes Betcha Can't Play This licks by Alexi Laiho, Doug Doppler, Phil X, Fredrik Akesson, Gus G, Jason Hook, Jeff Loomis, Jimmy Brown, Marc Rizzo, Chris Broderick, Mike Campese, Ralph Santolla, Rusty Cooley — and many more!

As always, enjoy! And if you're in the mood to check out several complete Betcha Can't Play This columns (with video, text and tab), head here.