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Cracker Premiere "Torches and Pitchforks" Music Video

Cracker have released a music video (of sorts) for "Torches and Pitchforks," the opening track from their 2014 album, Berkeley to Bakersfield.

The video, which you can check out below, features a photo essay by Bradford Jones, with several other public-domain photos mixed in.

“‘Torches and Pitchforks’ is stylistically playing with the language, songs and slogans of the early labor movement in the U.S.,” frontman David Lowery told The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy via email. “If you want to draw parallels between that time and artists’ current efforts to be paid fairly by digital services, you may. That is the intention.”

Berkeley to Bakersfield, which was released in December via 429 Records, is a double album dedicated to California. "Torches and Pitchforks" is from the "Berkeley" half of the album (I mean, if you had to pick a half).

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