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Female International Rock Jam with Larissa Basílio, Irene Ketikidi, Anouck André and Laura Klinkert

Today we're pleased to bring you a guitar-heavy video by four talented female guitarists from the around the world.

"Female International Rock Jam" features—in order—Larissa Basílio of Brazil, Irene Ketikidi of Greece, Anouck André of France and Laura Klinkert of Colombia jamming to a driving blues-based backing track.

It was clearly shot in four different places and cut together as a single performance video.

Only one of these players—Klinkert—has been featured on in the past. We shared her cover of Guthrie Govan's "Blues Mutations 2" in 2014.

Check it out and tell us which of these guitarists deserves more coverage on the site!

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