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Guitarist Gives Himself 100 Days to Master Sweep Picking — See the Results

As the "guitar lesson editing and posting guy" here at Guitar World, a lot of lessons—tabs, videos, pointers, tips, etc.—fly past me on a daily basis.

Sometimes I actually pause and think, "I'd like to try that," as in really try that.

But to be honest, I don't have loads of spare time—the time required to fully dedicate myself to something new, at least to the point that I'd master it and be willing to show my new skills to the world via YouTube.

Guitarist Marco Dela Torre doesn't seem to have that problem. In the fast-paced video below, you can watch his progress over 100 days (according to him, anyway) as he learns to sweep pick. In his own words: "I've played guitar for many years. Now I want to learn a new technique: sweep picking. Not sure if 100 days is enough, but I'll try ... ."

The video follows his progress from Day 1 to 9 to 13 to 34 to 82—and then finally (in truly dramatic fashion) Day 100.

Check out the results. P.S.: The video was posted by Give It 100. Feel free to check out the link if you'd like more information.