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Guitarist Turns Low-Budget Storage Commercial Into Jazz Masterpiece — Video

Do you know anyone with an extra-melodic voice? If so, you'll get a kick out of this masterful, addictive 2014 video.

A guitarist—most likely Publio Delgado, who posted the clip on his YouTube page—has taken an old low-budget commercial for Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage and turned it into a jazz masterpiece.

He explores the deepest depths of chord combos, adding music to the wonderfully expressive vocal variations of Toby Jones, who owns Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage, which, based on its 708 area code, is (or was) based in the Chicago area.

That is, of course, assuming this is (or was) a real company and not a joke. One starts to wonder when we stumble upon Jones' equally hilarious 2009 commercial for Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage, which you can check out below (bottom video).

For me, the magic starts at the nine-second mark, when Jones says, "Now, I know y'all got stuff at your house that you don't need ..." At that moment, it all makes perfect, ridiculous sense.

The guitarist even displays the mind-boggling chords he's playing in the upper left-hand corner of the video! Enjoy!