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Hear Steve Lukather's Isolated Guitar from Toto's "Rosanna"

(Image credit: Andrew Benge/Getty Images)

Last month, when Christian Hand appeared on KSWD’s Mark in the Morning program, he spent some quality time dissecting Toto’s 1982 hit, “Rosanna.”

Below, you can hear Hand and his cohorts listen to—and comment on—the isolated tracks as performed by each Toto band member.

He doesn't get to Steve Lukather’s guitar parts until the 5:00 point, but it's well worth the wait (unless, of course, you jump there ASAP). First we hear Lukather's guitar part from the verse, followed by his lead guitar from the song’s ending, which begins at 6:20.

“It’s like 53 guitar solos in one,” says one of the presenters before they play it again.

This clip will give you new appreciation for "Rosanna," Toto in general and—most of all—Lukather, a truly down-to-earth player who has worked on more than 1,500 albums in his lengthy and rewarding career.

Get ready to take it all in!