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"How to Shred" with Alex Skolnick — Video

Simply put, is a website that shows you how to do things.

If you visit its homepage right now, you'll find stories on "How to Use Coupons," "How to Take Care of Small & Exotic Pets" and our favorite, "How to Do Popular Club Dancing Moves."

And yes, the site also hosts videos on "How to Shred" (That's shredding on the guitar as opposed to your summer internship shredding paper in your uncle's accounting office). Testament guitarist and Guitar World friend Alex Skolnick stars in the site's "How to Shred" clip, which was posted earlier this summer, so we thought we'd share it below.

Hey, good advice is good advice!

Note: It seems there isn't any tab associated with the video.

For more information, head here or here.