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Kenny Dubman Premieres New Song, "Ain't Too Late for Memphis"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Ain't Too Late for Memphis," a new song by New Jersey-based guitarist Kenny Dubman, a former member of Prophet.

The track is from Dubman's debut solo album, Reckless Abandon, which is available now.

"'Ain't Too Late for Memphis' is a comeback anthem," Dubman says. "It's the story of a musician who has been out of the game for a long while and longs to break back in but is not quite sure about how to make it happen. Yes, it's a bit autobiographical!

"'Memphis' is really just a metaphor for getting off your ass and jumping in with both feet, which is definitely the route I took to make the album. I wrote the songs, rehearsed the band and got in the studio as quickly as I could. [It was] full steam ahead with reckless abandon, literally and figuratively.

"I wanted to make a 'song' record first," Dubman adds. "Making a guitar record was never really part of the equation." That said, there's still plenty of six-string fireworks to go around. Blending elements of Bad Company, Deep Purple, Kansas and Lynyrd Skynyrd with hints of Queen, Ozzy, Montrose, Pink Floyd and Rush, Reckless Abandon pays homage to Seventies rock while forging an identity of its own, due in no small part to Dubman's powerful, raspy vocals.

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