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Mario Torrado's Formula 1 Guitar — Video

As we've seen, especially here on (and other far less interesting guitar-centric websites), guitars can be used for many, many odd things.

For instance, guitarist Mario Torrado uses his Gibson Explorer to make annoying mosquito noises as his poor friend tries to sleep (Check out the video at the very bottom of this story).

He also uses it to mimic the gear-changing sound of Formula 1 race cars, particularly Rubens Barrichello's (apparently) famous 2004 pole lap record at Italy's Autodromo Nazionale Monza raceway.

In Torrado's own words:

"Experience the sound of a finely tuned Gibson hitting the frequencies of the 2004 V10 Ferrari engine. For maximum enjoyment, play [the top video] simultaneously with the [second] video and turn off its sound. Start [the second video] slightly before the 3-second mark of my video.

"You have the two videos together in my blog."

We've also included them below. Note that the big green numbers in the top video represent the driver's gears. Um, good luck with all this!

For more about Torrado and Formula 1 Guitar, follow him on YouTube and/or Twitter. Also, please note that Torrado's top video is from 2013, not 2004.

As mentioned above, we've thrown in Torrado's "Mosquito Guitar" video. We hope it doesn't want to make you slap your iPhone or computer monitor. Or us!