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Mark Bryan Premieres New Song, "Forgetting About Me"

(Image credit: Jonathan Boncek)

Hootie & the Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan is releasing his third solo album, Songs of the Fortnight, August 11. Today, we're premiering "Forgetting About Me," the album's first single.

"This is a little number I wrote with my friend, and former Fortnighter, Joe Firstman," Bryan said about the song. "We had a very creative stretch together when he was writing for his album, and when I realized he never cut this one, I adopted it, and cut it with my buddies Jonathan Gray on bass and Jack Burg on drums. To me it captures that feeling of loss when two people really want to be together, but can’t for whatever reason, and it translates on a spiritual level. 'No one wants to be alone,' 'Let me know you’re there,' etc."

Songs of the Fortnight is available now for preorder via Amazon and iTunes.

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