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Megafauna Premiere "Haunted Factory" Music Video —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Haunted Factory," the new music video by Megafauna.

The track is from the band's new album, Maximalist, which was released April 15 through Danimal Kingdom.

Megafauna's singer and Lone Star Strat-playing guitarist, Dani Neff, is known for mind-melting shredding. The Austin Chronicle chose her as the best electric guitarist in Austin, proclaiming "in a city full of guitar wizards, Neff is the philospher's stone."

The track, "Haunted Factory," combines raw punk energy, gnarly riffs and Neff's siren vocals. The video was shot in Austin State Hospital, the oldest psychiatric hospital in town.

"We scouted all these different locations and chose the Austin State Hospital because it was by far the creepiest," says Neff, who danced for 20 hours during the making of the video. "It was pitch black, had stacks of cots from the Fifties and tons of random equipment gathering dust. We used colored lights and fog to get a psychedelic effect."

The theme of the video is transformation. Neff is trapped in a haunted factory but she eventually escapes into an idyllic forest. Neff explains, "Sometimes you have to face your fears head on in order to change." The video was directed by Brad Linton and choreographed by Dani Neff and Stephanie Chavez of Austin dance company, Woven Feet.

For more information about Megafauna, head HERE and follow them on Facebook.

Photo: Shervin Lainez