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New Prince Album of Previously Unreleased Material Coming This Fall

A new Prince album—comprised of previously unreleased material—will be released this fall, according to Variety.

Troy Carter, the CEO of Atom Factory—the company now tasked with overseeing the late singer's estate—spoke to Variety about the project. According to Carter, the album will be "time-specific," instead of a compilation of recordings from throughout the singer's career.

"Michael Howe, who’s been working with us on the archive, has done a tremendous job of finding some special pieces of work, and one of the pieces that he found, all of us fell in love with it and decided this was special enough for fans to hear," Carter explained. "So we’re putting the final touches on it — it’ll come in the fall."

Last week, the Prince Estate and Warner Bros. Records released his original, 1984 recording of "Nothing Compares 2 U," the Prince composition that was recorded in 1985 by The Family, and made famous by Sinead O'Connor, whose 1990 cover of the song became a massive, worldwide hit.

The Prince Estate also launched two new websites, an archival, annotated discography and a fan site called "Prince2Me."

According to Variety, the album will arrive on September 28 via Warner Bros.