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Pierre Pihl Plays Three Guitars (OK, Two Guitars and a Bass) at the Same Time — Video

Here's one we stumbled upon this morning, courtesy of wondrous Facebook.

It's a professionally shot video of guitarist Pierre Pihl playing three guitars at once, literally (as in, he isn't taking turns playing three different instruments).

To be more exact, one of the guitars in question is an electric bass (with three strings), which he plays with his feet; one is a Tele-style guitar (we can't make out the logo, so we can't assume it's a Fender), which he plays mainly with his left hand (using a capo, tapping and some Glenn Proudfoot-style over-the-neck fretting; the other is a Stoll acoustic, which rests on his lap, and which he plays mainly with his right hand.

We assume he's using an open tuning on the Stoll.

Pihl is half of Max & Pierre, an acoustic band from Germany. For more about Max & Pierre, visit For more about Pihl, head here. You might want to brush up on your German before visiting these sites.

We tried to make the video our usual 620 wide, but this is pretty much as wide as the video will get. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

Post by RAKISTA.