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Polyphia's Tim Henson and Scott LePage: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Travis Poston)

1. “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)”—Jimi Hendrix

“Jimi has been my idol ever since I started playing guitar. Whenever I’m trying to channel some iconic rockstar shit, I play this song.” —Henson

2. “Gucci Gang”—Lil Pump

“I’m a Gucci guy at heart, so this song just speaks to me. Pump has such a gentle soul and it really shows through in this track.” —Henson

3. “Texas Flood”—Stevie Ray Vaughan

“When I’m on tour, listening to this song is therapeutic because it has ‘Texas’ in it and reminds me of home. I can just feel every damn note he’s playing—it makes me do that scrunchyface thing people do when they hear something sick.” —LePage

4. “Lil Haiti Baby”—Future

“I like to blast this song in my car with the windows rolled down and the bass all the way up. There’s just something really inspiring about hearing Future rap about all the expensive shit he owns.” —LePage

5. “That Part”—Schoolboy Q featuring Kanye West

“Give us that Goose and the Red Bull and we are unstoppable when this song is playing. You can’t not scream that fuckin’ Ye verse.” —Henson