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Roger Daltrey Crashes Wedding and Performs The Who's "I Can't Explain" — Video

The Who's Roger Daltrey crashed a wedding over the weekend—and performed a Who song with the wedding band.

The blessed event took place at the hotel in Scotland where Daltrey happened to be staying.

Daltrey joined the wedding band—the Milestone—on stage for a rendition of "I Can't Explain." You can check out a video below. By the way, why would anyone film something vertically? Please turn the phone around and film things horizontally! Sorry, I got sidetracked there ...

Graeme Allan, lead guitarist of the Milestone, told the BBC: "Basically we were coming towards the end of our set and we were sort of halfway through a song. I remember looking over to the side of the dancefloor and a wedding guest was actually walking with Roger [Daltrey], coming toward the band."

"Roger came up and he took the mic and he congratulated the bride and groom. Because the groom had served in the parachute regiment he also mentioned them as well. Then he turned to the band and he said, 'I was through next door and I heard the band and they're brilliant, so I had to come through'."