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See Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan in the Studio Together

Shortly before Stevie Ray Vaughan's tragic death in August 1990, he and his big brother, Jimmie Vaughan, recorded Family Style, their first (and only) album together.

Below, you can see the Vaughan Brothers—as the duo was called—in the studio together during the making of the album, which was released later that year.

Although the video is mostly an opportunity for Jimmie and SRV to discuss their Texas upbringing and their influences, we also get to see them grab their Strats at various points, like at 3:37, when they (supposedly) run through "DFW," one of many guitar showpieces from the album, and at 4:44, when SRV breaks a string during a bend high on the neck. As SRV bites on the broken string, Jimmie exclaims, "One more time!"

The Vaughan boys are also joined by the album's producer, Nile Rodgers, who describes the duo as "pretty particular when it comes to their guitar sound and what they want to hear."

SRV sums up the album-making experience at the very end of the clip:

"We've probably gotten closer making this record than we've been since we were little kids at home. And, um, I needed it."