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'SNL' Guitarist Jared Scharff Adds "Unnecessary Shredding" to Disclosure/Sam Smith's "Latch" — Video

Saturday Night Live guitaristJared Scharff has a new web series called Unnecessary Shredding.

In it, Scharff adds lots and lots of tasteful shredding to songs that are devoid of shredding—if not devoid of guitars, period.

In the series' newest video, posted to the interwebs July 14, Scharff adds some unnecessary shredding to "Latch" by Disclosure and Sam Smith.

"When Sam Smith debuted on SNL two seasons back, I was mesmerized by his voice and talent," Scharff says. "I love how sparse this song is, and hearing Sam Smith's voice on top of it is such a cool combo.

"I'm playing an extremely rare, one-off, blue Fano Retrosphear, the only color that was different then Fano's original silver metal motif. I'm using an old DigiTech Whammy/Wah through an Orange Rockerverb head."