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Street Guitarist Damian Salazar Blows Minds (But Doesn't Turn Too Many Heads) in This Video

Here's a video that was recently posted to Facebook by a news/media website called Siakap Keli.

Even though we can't read a word of the Siakap Keli post (or most of its comments), we can tell you the street guitarist in the video is young Damian Salazar of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We also can tell you that, even though people are just passing him by in this particular video, Salazar DOES tend to draw crowds, as can be seen in several other Damian Salazar videos on YouTube. He's also been mentioned in stories by Guitar Hive and has a decent Google presence.

Enjoy! And be sure to give him some money if you see him performing on Florida Street in Buenos Aires!

Post by Siakap Keli.

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