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The Surrealist Premiere "Origami" Music Video

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On the lookout for deft new talent in guitar land?

Check out GuitarWorld.com's premiere of "Origami," a new single (and music video) by the Surrealist, a three-piece experimental prog-metal band from Boston. You can check it out below.

The track was released today, February 17, and is available for download at thesurrealist.org.

The band—guitarist Roopam Garg, bassist Beauman Edwards and drummer John-Marc Degaard—know how to put a tune together, and Garg handily fleshes it out with sweeping, whirling guitar lines that cascade over blankets of plush, droning soundscapes and intricate modulating polyrhythms.

For more about these guys, check out thesurrealist.org and follow along on Facebook.

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