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The Surrealist's Roopam Garg: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Austin Rockman)

1. “More," Nils Frahm

The integration of organic, minimalistic piano playing with subtle hints of electronic music paints a unique sonic landscape that immerses the listener into an ocean of bliss.

2. “Open Eye Signal," Jon Hopkins

If you want to shut out the entire world and contemplate the mysteries of your being, this track is for you.

3. “Bunsen Burner," Cuts

I first heard this track in the sci-fi psychological thriller film Ex Machina. The razor-sharp synths and the haunting melodies capture a certain aesthetic I hadn’t heard before.

4. “Clockworks," Meshuggah

There are many ways to describe this song: machine-like, tribal, cyclical, anxious and ominous. However, there’s only one word that can describe Meshuggah, and that word is Meshuggah.

5. “Sad Alron," Mark Pritchard

This track is known for inducing an existential crisis in people. It certainly did for me. What really is happy and sad?