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Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan Perform "Jeff's Boogie" in 1984

For this week's flashback video, we head to Honolulu, Hawaii.

That's where, in 1984, Jeff Beck joined Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble on stage to play an impressive mini-set that included "Jeff's Boogie," an instrumental track from the Yardbirds' 1966 Roger the Engineer album (the original name of which was Yardbirds).

In the surprisingly great-sounding video below, Beck and Vaughan take turns playing the solos in the Chuck Berry-inspired tune (It's merely Beck's version of Berry's "Guitar Boogie" with a healthy dose of Cliff Gallup-inspired licks thrown in).

Stevie Ray's big brother Jimmie also was one of the featured performers that night (I know this because I have an old VHS of this show).

If you're not familiar with the original Yardbirds version of "Jeff's Boogie," be sure to check it out below (middle video); it's pure vintage Beck. Note that this action took place five years before Beck and Vaughan's successful 1989 tour.