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The Virginmarys Premiere New Song, "For You My Love"

(Image credit: Alex Wright)

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "For You My Love," a new track by U.K. punk rockers the Virginmarys.

The song is from Divides, the band's new album, which is set for a May 6 release via Wind-up Records.

"'For You My Love' is one of my favorites from the new album," says singer, guitarist and lyricist Ally Dickaty. "I wanted a really big guitar sound for this track and worked with our producer, Gil Norton, using a Les Paul and Telecaster through a few different amps to get the right sound. I also used a lot of octaves to add depth to the chorus and solo.

"I'm really happy with how this track turned out, and it's a really good representation of the overall vibe of the album."

Divides is undoubtedly one of the most impressive, adventurous and outspoken rock records of the year, tackling themes from the deeply personal to the vehemently political with punk force and melodic panache. From the gargantuan cavern riffs of "Push the Pedal" to the epic finale of "Living in My Peace," it’s a record that isn't afraid to scale the barricades and bare its bruises.“The overall theme of the album is the divides among people, freedom and power, injustice, inequality and corruption," Dickaty adds. "Anger, disillusionment, injustice, frustration about where I feel we are in today's society. History repeating. Restraint by systems that benefit the few and the choices left to take part or be cast aside and face persecution. The rise of depression and anxiety and use of anti-depressants and drugs across the globe. Disillusion in politicians and democracy. There's a lot of divides with us in Britain, many created by the government and media turning people against one another. We are brainwashed with who to love, who to fear, who is good and who is evil.”

Divides is available now for preorder. For more about the Virginmarys, follow along on Facebook.