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Watch John Petrucci Play the Super Mario Bros. Theme

John Petrucci recently stopped by the studio of YouTuber FamilyJules for a little video game-inspired guitar action.

In the clip below, watch the duo play a searing rendition of the classic Super Mario Bros. theme, each with an Ernie Ball Music Man Monarchy Majesty in hand.

“Ernie Ball hit me up and asked me if I would like to do a video with John Petrucci this month while he was doing his tour for G3,” FamilyJules said.

“John is one of my biggest influences of all time, I've been listening to Dream Theater for as long as I can remember and owe so much of my playing ability to his tutorials on YouTube as well as his DVD, Rock Discipline. He is one of my biggest idols of all time and getting to do this with him was immeasurably huge for me.”

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John Petrucci is currently on the road as part of the G3 Tour, and you can check out the dates at