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Watch Living Colour Tear Up 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Monday night, September 11, Living Colour gave viewers of Late Night with Seth Meyers a taste of their new album, Shade, with a ferocious performance of "Come On," which you can watch below.

Though a definite hard rock number, "Come On"—this performance of it especially—certainly shows strands of the blues influences that permeate Shade.

“I wasn’t thinking we’re going to make a strictly defined blues record,” Reid said of Shade in a recent interview with Guitar World. “I was thinking that the blues should be part of the information, should be part of the DNA like how hard rock and metal are connected.”

“The guitar is a tool, but it’s also a way of thinking, a way of living. It’s a grid of possibilities,” he continued. “I’m always hoping to be available for the music to move me in a way that I haven’t been moved the previous week, or the previous second.”

Read our full interview with Reid here.