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Watch Tommy Lee React to Kids Reacting to Motley Crue

The React videos have been around for a long time, and—whether you want to admit it or not—they prove to be fairly popular among readers.

In fact, "How Kids React to Guns N' Roses" was one of our most popular online stories back in March. And then there was "Watch How Kids React to Metallica," which didn't do quite as well last September. But let's not forget about "How Kids React to Hearing AC/DC for the First Time," which produced a chuckle or two. Maybe three.

OK, I think you've got the idea.

Anyway, below, you can check out the latest installment of the series, which showcases real-time reactions—usually to music—from/by children, teens or the elderly. Last month, the React gang posted a clip of kids listening to—and, of course, reacting to—the music of Motley Crue.

Now the company has posted a clip of Motley Crue's Tommy Lee reacting to the kids' reactions. Hopefully, someone will post a clip of teens—or maybe even the elderly—reacting to Tommy Lee reacting to the kids who are reacting to Motley Crue. Then we'd really have something!

Lee is generally amused by the kids’ reactions to the band's vintage music videos. When one kid says, “I’m confused; is it a boy or a girl?” Lee says, “The story of our lives.”

For more React clips, follow along on YouTube.